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Currency Futures and Options Trading

Currency Futures and Options Trading

Currency Futures

AD/CD Cross Rate (AC)
AD/JY Cross Rate (AJ)
AD/NE Cross Rate (AN)
Australian Dollar (AD)
BP/JY Cross Rate (BY)
BP/SF Cross Rate (BF)
Brazilian Real (BR)
British Pound (BP)
Canadian Dollar (CD)
CD/JY Cross Rate (CY)
EC/AD Cross Rate (CA)
EC/BP Cross Rate (RP)
EC/CD Cross Rate (CC)
EC/JY Cross Rate (RY)
EC/NKr Cross Rate (CN)
EC/SF Cross Rate (RF)
EC/SKr Cross Rate (KE)
E-mini Euro FX (E7)
E-mini Japanese Yen (J7)
Euro FX (EC)
Japanese Yen (JY)
Mexican Peso (MP)
New Zealand Dollar (NE)
Norwegian Krone (UN)
Russian Ruble (RU)
SF/JY Cross Rate (SJ)
South African Rand (RA)
Swedish Krona (SE)
Swiss Franc (SF)

 Learn how to trade currency futures. Markets such as the British Pound, Canadian Dollar, US dollar, Japenese Yen, Euro Currency can be trade online or through one of our brokers.

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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss exists in futures trading.
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