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R Trader Trading

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R|Trader is a direct access level 2 trading platform. It also features depth of the market capabilities. A trader is able to see the volume and liquidity of an entire market with just one glance. In addition, orders may be routed directly to exchanges, which avoid any expensive middlemen. By going around such middle men and by providing the ability to select the best bid and ask prices, one can potentially obtain better fill prices!

R|Trader integrates direct-access stock options, electronic futures trading, and direct-access stocks all from the same platform!

Designed and built with numerous, user-friendly and vital features, R|Trader includes several order entry pages, customized real-time quote pages, and an extensive mark to market account status and summary. Such summaries may include open, closed, and executed trades, giving a recap of traders past, present, and future actions.

With R|Trader, traders can even see their accounts updated in real time, with included commissions.

Perhaps one if the greatest features of R-Trader is its flexibility. Traders are provided a downloaded application to their home computer and possibly their office computer as well.

Users can format and create custom R-Trader windows and views. If a user wishes to have two windows showing depth of market open simultaneously, R-Trader makes it possible.

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