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QST features a variety of order-entry modes, including pull-down and text box entry, typed orders and point-and click order creation. In addition, QST employs a variety of screens to display and request information. Such screens are used to display positions, filled trades, account activity, parked orders, quotes, funds and user preferences. Additional screens include the Quick-Quote pop-up screen and the Order Verification screen.

QST is considered a real time fill notification system. Fills are sent to your screen via a pop-up fill-notification box as soon as the fill is received. In some cases, fills may be returned in as soon as 1/2 second!

Data for funds, fills, orders, quotes, parked orders, and positions are displayed throughout the system using resizable grids. Another helpful feature is that many data elements are color coded to indicate the purpose or intent of the data. An example, buy orders are displayed with a blue font, while sell orders use a red font. In addition, market quotes use color-coding as well, indicating that a quote is positive or negative.

With various order-entry modes designed to fit various trading conditions, users are provided an added quickness and simplicity of operation. In example, a user watching quotes for a given market can instantly create an order by simply clicking on the quote when the market reaches a desired price. Also, users can easily review open positions and liquidate them by just pointing and right-clicking on the position.


Minimum system requirements:

Windows Vista
1 GB of Memory
1 GHz processor
50MB available hard drive space
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