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Why Choose Bright Commodity Broker?

commision rates Low Commission Rates
Our rates are among the lowest in the industry. We do try to offer some of the lowest rates available while still providing excellent customer service. Our brokers usually answer the phone in less then 2 rings.

service Excellent Customer Service
We strive to provide our customers with the best and most reliable service while offering the best in today's market tools. Various types of research is provided free of charge.

broker order desk Order Desk Support
We have licensed discount commodity brokers that will assist you with your order without additional fees (8:30am - 4pm)! Our brokers are here to assist you, even if you are trading online. (additional fees apply during night hours)

commodity trading Several Trading Platforms
We offer some of the fastest online commodity trading platforms available today. With platforms ranging from the most user friendly to the latest technology has to offer, you have every opportunity to trade in all markets.

contract specs Contract Specs
We provide you with important need to know information such as the trading hours, contract sizes, and exchanges for each market. Once your account is open, you will have access to the client website. If you ever have any other quesitons, our licensed brokers are here to assist you.

free quotes Real Time Futures Quotes
Live Futures & Options quotes are available for ALL markets. Customize your own Quote Board! Chicago and New York quotes are available through the online trading platforms.

futures and researchFREE Futures News and Research
Watch what is moving the markets in real time. Futures News is available directly through the online trading platform. Know what is moving the markets when it happens.

futures research FREE Futures Research
We provide you with research from the industry's leading experts. Every morning you'll have enough information to help you with your trading decisions. Also, our licensed commodity futures brokers are here to help you with any questions.

order placementSIMPLE Order Placement
Ability to place market orders, limit orders, market-on-close orders, futures spreads, and order parking. Our trading platforms can handle almost any type of order that the exchange accepts.

order routing Quick Order Routing
Orders go directly from your computer to the exchange. Receive fills in milli-seconds!

account updating Real Time Account Updating
Our clients accounts are updated in real time. Account balances, positions, margins, profits, and losses are all updated to the second.

We strive to meet all your commodity futures trading needs. If you have any questions related to trading or opening an account with us, don't hesitate to call one of our licensed brokers for assistance.

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Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. The risk of loss exists in futures trading.
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